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Mastering the Good Life

‘In comparison to the many other self-help books I’ve read that show you the door, this is quite clearly the key!’



Astrid V.J., USA Today bestselling author and DreamBuilder™ coach

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About the Book

Is your life filled with stuff that holds no meaning to you? Are you allowing external forces to control your state of wellbeing? Is your reach for financial gains taking priority over your happiness? Do you feel isolated or keep attracting the wrong people? Are the uncertainties of the world forcing you to find a new level of resilience? 


In this unique book written by master NLP trainer, hypnotherapist and beloved guru, Robb Whitewood, and published posthumously by his wife, Allison Low, you will learn how perpetuating life’s problems shrinks your capacity for fulfilment and freedom. Within these pages, inspired by thirty years’ work with thousands of clients and students, you will:


  • Discover how your problems are created so that you can resolve them at the origin 

  • Redefine your relationships, improve your self-worth, and build more meaningful connections

  • Learn techniques to dissolve fear, stress, anxiety, guilt, sadness, anger, and other high emotions so that you can freely express yourself

  • Follow a set of principles to realize a life of self-perpetuating fulfilment

  • Transition to a new frequency of thinking as the world transforms


By embracing the philosophies, insights, and techniques described with Robb’s trademark warmth and humour in Mastering the Good Life, you too can create internal peace and eternal happiness.

As someone who tragically viewed fulfilment as a distant dream, Mastering the Good Life shook my misconceptions to their core. Robb’s irreproachable guidance seamlessly opened my mind to the fact that healing, wholeness and a life of deep-rooted happiness was truly mine for the taking. 

Owen Power

Chronically depressed since my late twenties, searching for meaning in my life

Praise & Reviews

I have read many self-development and motivational books, but Mastering the Good Life is in a special class of its own. This is because the book is based on real, hard-won experiences rather than on distant research and vague statistics. Mastering the Good Life is a result of personal as well as oriental knowledge and spoke to me from the very first page. 


What made me believe in the content of this book is the way Allison herself has healed and moved on after Robb’s unexpected and painful passing. The courage Allison has exhibited publishing this inspiring book is truly incredible.


I was someone who lived a life of great expectations, expecting people to act or treat me in certain ways, and I got hurt in the process. I have come to realise in this book that people are different and have their different perspectives about life, and so I now respect each person’s worldview. I chose to let myself heal because the only thing I really have is me.


I particularly enjoyed the Seven Hearts exercise. It was an eye-opener that has helped me improve the quality of the relationship with my wife. However, I love this book most for its mental and practical exercises. The stress-relieving exercises in this book work magic.


I recommend Mastering the Good Life to anyone who is in search of true happiness and a sustainable change. If you are willing to put in the required effort to change, Mastering the Good Life is the amazing blueprint you need.

Richard Odey

Having a long-term relationship challenge with my wife, wondering if we’ll ever love each other again

An engaging, transformative book I seriously didn’t know I needed. Robb Whitewood acts as a guide and navigator in Mastering the Good Life, providing you with tools and evidence-based strategies to captain your way into a more fulfilling life. From his touching narrative to his experience as a master NLP trainer and hypnotherapist, Robb and Allison’s comforting words act as a guiding light that truly makes this book a work of infinite wisdom that you’ll want to keep coming back to. 

Yvonne Bowen

Feeling alone and unsupported by family and friends, deeply unhappy in my corporate job 

I’ve had the privilege to work with Robb and Allison during a turbulent time where I felt lost in life. The principles in this book are a summary of some of the key techniques that helped empower me to make positive choices for my life. I was able to focus on what mattered to me and what made me happy. I now am living the life I have chosen and am feeling truly fulfilled. These tools and strategies do work – I am proof of it! This book is a must-read for anyone who is feeling a little lost or jaded. 

Gemma Scholl 

Burnt out from the corporate rat race, looking to find myself 

Mastering the Good Life is a book you’ll want to keep referring to, in the way you might turn to a close friend for advice. Whitewood and Low take their readers on an incisive journey through their own minds, teaching them to navigate their own perception. The writing is warm and funny, but above all it provides clear, useful strategies for any person dissatisfied with their life. Through reading this book, you can become a captain at the helm of your life, rather than letting the waves push you around

Andrew Wong

String of failed relationships, feeling defective and unproductive in life

I’ve always enjoyed personal development. I feel like I have done all the courses and read all the books! I’ve got to say that I am living my dream life – I have a great family and kids and live in a beautiful house. Continuous personal development is a must for me; when you get complacent, things can change pretty quickly. Mastering the Good Life is a necessary book in your personal development toolkit. The tools provided are useful and can be done by anyone, anywhere to gain instant results. I loved the exercises on the vagus nerve reset – I have never seen that anywhere else before. I also loved the relationships section and exercises. I know this is a book that I will return to time and time again. 

Mira Loukesh 

Self-development junkie looking for a long-lasting transformation

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About Allison Low

Allison Low was born in Sydney, Australia to hard working good citizen parents.  As a Eurasian in the early 70’s growing up in country NSW it both grounded and tested her resilience to overcome discrimination. Over the past 25 years Allison has travelled to over forty countries and has lived in both England and Germany for several years.  


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